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ElimiTag Skin Tag Remover is the Original Topical Skin Tag Removal Formula!

ElimiTag Removes Skin Tags in ALL Problem Areas Including Neck, Chin and Under Arms


Simply apply ElimiTag Skin Tag Remover 3 to 4 times daily, with the built-in applicator brush, directly to the skin tag.
Skin tag will dry and flake away over a 3-6 week period. That's it... just Apply and Skin Tags Dries and Falls Away!


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ElimiTag Removes Skin Tags from the Neck   ElimiTag Skin Tag Remover Removes Skin Tags from under the Arms
ElimiTag Removes Skin Tags from the Neck   ElimiTag Removes Skins Tags from the Neck


ElimiTag Contains ONLY 100% All-Natural Plant Extracts and NO Harsh Chemicals!

Remove Skin Tags Now with ElimiTagElimiTag removes skin tags the natural way with a special formula
that contains the active ingredient Thuja Occidentalis


ElimiTag Skin Tag Removal contains Thuja OccidentalisThuja Occidentalis is a potent essential oil known for its skin tag removing properties. We use only the best Thuja Occidentalis in the ElimiTag which means you get the most powerful skin tag removal formula available anywhere! Essential Thuja Occidentalis Oil is approved by the Homeopathic Pharmacoporia.


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ElimiTag's Trademarked Applicator Brush is Easy to Apply and Prevents Waste!


ElimiTag Skin Tag Remover is Easy to Apply Buy 1 Get 1 Free ElimiTag Skin Tag Remover


Say Goodbye to Pesky Skin Tags Forever!

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